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Oversee is a locally owned and run rental company. Founded in 2011, our emphasis is on meeting or exceeding your expectations. With the common disgruntled experiences of dealing with rental companies, we focus our attention on keeping you happy. We do this successfully by doing what we say we are going to do. Simple, right!

Why should I choose Oversee to manage my vacation home? We are:



The most important quality of our business is that we are dependable. We answer the phones, we show up on time, and we do what we say were going to do.



There is a reason why we have the highest homeowner retention. We are realistic from the get-go. We project expected rental revenue and can help budget for unforeseen expenses.



Oversee is a locally owned and run rental company. Founded in 2011, our missions are:

  • To provide clean, consistent homes with prompt and professional service for our guests
  • We are smart, hardworking professionals serving our homeowners


We have all the tools to best market and monitor your property. Here are a few examples of what we track: page views, inquiries, conversions, emails, phone numbers, inbound calls, outbound calls, and booking channel origin. We are diversified in our marketing and have multiple avenues to capture potential bookings.

What Our Guests are Saying

"Oversee is an efficient, professional management company. Their primary focus is the homeowner, and it shows. I can call either of their two local offices and immediately get a friendly voice on the phone. Their excellent customer service is complemented by their unrivaled knowledge of the market and the vacation rental management industry. My home has been in the hands of Oversee since 2012, and I’ve been happy ever since with their thorough, profitable, and personal service." 
- Debora, WaterColor Homeowner


Oversee has grown organically since it's origination; meaning our homeowners have picked us through word-of-mouth from local real estate agents or our current customers.

Our property management services include maintenance, housekeeping, marketing, reservations, and more. To speak with a local property manager about our services please call 888.290.3489.ext. 3 or fill out the form below